Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Big Steps and Oh, no she di'int!

Well, we took the plunge and started making The Boy sleep in his underwear during naps and at bedtime. I noticed that even on days when he didn't sleep during naptime he was wetting in his diaper. Even though he was awake, he didn't tell us he had to use the bathroom. I also noticed that if he fell asleep in his underwear on the way home or at Disneyland, he didn't wet himself. So, I said FORGET THIS! and started putting him in underwear on Monday. He slept dry during nap on Monday and bedtime Monday night. However, on Monday night we did get him up like 4 times to use the bathroom. I did it before I went to bed, when I got up to go the bathroom, when Will had to give him some cough medicince, and then when I left for the gym. Yesterday he never slept during naptime and was fine. Last night I didn't wake up until 3am to go to the bathroom, so I took him too. This morning it looked like he started to potty around 7am and it woke him up, so he just had a little piddle in his underwear. I'm so excited! We want to be out of diapers! LOL Well, at least one of them.

Yesterday we had a day of fun. Baby T's mom is on spring break, so she's not here this week. That means it makes it a little easier to get around. We went to Pump It Up and had a great time. However, we did have a run in with a nasty little mom that I wanted to punch in the face:) LOL There is a bounce house that is a basketball court and The Boy was in there playing with one of the basketballs. Well, this little boy (who had been harrassing all the kids on the big slide - he would push them down before they were ready to go) decided he wanted the ball and started chasing The Boy around. I should have stepped in then, but I didn't. Well, the little boy got The Boy cornered and The Boy swiped at him to try and get away and protect the ball. So, this mom, who doesn't think I'm watching, yells at The Boy. So he comes sobbing out of the bounce basketball court and is hysterically upset. Like can't even be consoled. Because then she takes the ball from him and gives it to her kid. Oh, no she di'int! So I called her out on it. I had The Boy stay on the bench and calm down and I called her to the mesh window. I asked if her little boy had been trying to take the ball away. She said, "No. Well, he was chasing him around and I guess he got to close or something, but irregardless (hello, not a word) it's not appropriate . . ." I stopped her right there. I said, "I agree with you that hitting is not appropriate, I'm just trying to figure out why he's so upset. He's telling me you took the ball from him."

::side note::
For any of you that don't know The Boy really well, he honest to a fault. He will come and tell on himself. So, I usually believe what he tells me because he has a mind like a steel trap and he will tell the truth even if he's the one that did something wrong.
::end side note::

She hemmed and hawed for a minute and said, "His reaction was totally developmentally understandable (again, please don't give me a lecture on DA - after 6 years in a day care, 4 years of college in ECE, 5 years of teaching, and 3.5 years raising my kids I have a pretty good idea what is DA), but . . ." Again I stopped her and said that hitting is not appropriate, I'm just trying to figure out why he's so upset so I can talk him through the situation. Then she says, "Well, I might have scared him." BINGO! Give the nutcase a prize!

You don't yell or lecture children you don't know. If I leave my kids with a relative or a friend to babysit, then I have to accept how they discipline. If I don't like it, then I don't leave them with them. However, if I'm sitting right there, I would hope they would defer to me and tell my kid to come and see me if they did something wrong, instead of doing it themselves. I will give them the same courtesy. However, I DO NOT approve of strangers yelling/disciplining my children and I would not do it to someone else. When The Boy got bit at Chic-Fil-A I went and got the boy's mother and explained the situation. I didn't yell at the poor little boy - he doesn't know who I am. Please. So I was furious that this lady not only yelled at him, but also took the ball from The Boy and gave it to her son. Again, oh no she di'int!

So, I told The Boy he wasn't allowed to go in there until they left. He was ruined for about 10 minutes after the whole situation. He would try things and then just burst into tears. It was pretty sad. She must of (smartly) sensed that she should steer clear of me and did so the rest of the time. Then, after he was healed we played in the basketball court with a sweet little girl and big kid that did awesome tricks. The nerve of some people's children.

After Pump it Up we went for $1 at the theater and saw Bedtime Stories. It was cute and it held his interest pretty well. However, during the climax of the movie he has to go potty! So I have to pack up all his stuff, The Girl's stuff, my stuff, and haul him to the bathroom. Well, he'd lost a shoe in the dark, so we went with no shoes. Dang crocs, I love 'em and hate 'em at the same time.

The day sucked the energy out of me and I was ready for bed by 9:00. Luckily, The Girl cooperated and I think I was passed out by 10pm. Sweet.


Mandy said...

I can't believe that woman. Lecturing YOU of all people about DA. ;) Poor kiddo. Bedtime STories is cute, huh?

Mama said...

I can't believe that lady took the ball from the boy. That's is so lame! i wish i were there with you. you crack me up.

Vivian said...

Glad you called her on it. What a horrible woman and then she will wonder why her son doesn't have any friends.

Davis Family said...

awesome! you'll love reading that one in 5 years.

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