Thursday, February 12, 2009


~Conversation Between The Boy and I this Morning as I Pump~

TB: Mom, is this your humper?

Me: My what?

TB: Your humper.

Me: Yes, this is my milk pumper.

TB: Are you humping milk for The Girl?

Me: Yep.

TB: Wow, you're humping a lot of milk!

Me: Yep.

He runs down the hall and into the bathroom where Will is taking a shower.

TB: Dad! Mom is humping a lot!

These are The Boy's latest acquisitions and he is so proud of them!(thanks J!!!!)


Mama said...

that's hilrious!! especially considering what yesterday was.... ah hem....humping.... funny.

Crystal said...

Was Will alarmed by The Boy's statement?

Vivian said...

I love the comments The Boy says.

BubbaandM said...

The Boy is so funny! He always puts a smile on my face.

*Brandi said...

Oh my goodness! How did you guys control your laughter?!? I would have been laughing all night long. Your boy is hilarious.

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