Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

Do President's Day and Valentine's Day usually fall so closely together? I guess they do and I just never noticed. I need to pay closer attention. I'm still plugging along on my Project 365. I have to be honest and admit that I've missed a day here and there. It might not have been the wisest idea to start the project just as I gained a 2nd child. However, I'm still going to continue on with the 2-3 holes I've got over the past 2 months and pledge to do better.

The Boy loves his "Cars" underwear. It was a package of 3 underwear he got for Christmas and one pair has Mater on the rear and another has Lightning McQueen on the rear. He loves to show us his booty and yesterday at dinner he wasn't wearing pants - as usual - and instead of making faces at himself in the sliding glass door, he stuck his booty in the air and looked at Mater. It was all very hilarious and so it seemed only fitting that the following picture sums up that day:)

Today was a rainy day and we hung out at home and went over to The Block to check out the Gymboree Outlet. It was a dud and the prices were lame. We also went over to Krispy Kreme and watched them make donuts. After lunch we went to the $1 theater and saw "Bolt" with some ladies from the ward. It was such a cute movie. The Girl was a perfect angel and made it through the entire movie - unlike her restless brother:)
Look how much this chickee is growing! I think I must produce cream:)


Mandy said...

That bum shot is great. :)

Thanks for mentioning your trip to the $1 theater. I should do that with my girls when the weather is icky.

Tyler said...

Kim, Hilary and I are doing 365 also. Don't worry if you miss a day. You can always fill in with a quote by the boy or pictures of stuff you always have around or do.

Katherine :)

Jaime said...

Thanks for the tip about the Gymboree outlet. I drove past it today thinking I should check it out and now I'll skip it! BTW I just got back from Utah and the Gymboree outlet in Park City had way way way too many great deals! It was so fun! David had to drop me off, go take the boy to get french fries and come back and wait for me some more! He's a good sport, but he got me back. I spent an hour and a half in camoflauge heaven in Cabela's on the way home. They're building outlets by there and I can hardly wait.

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