Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Times!

So the other night I was having fun with The Girl and snapping random photos with just the two of us - like those photo booths. Well, the flash was too much for her, so I turned it off and then it was a funny yellow tint to the pictures. I ran a couple of actions in Photoshop and this is what we came up with:) Most of them are kind of blurry because she was moving all around, but it was fun times and I even caught a smile!

On Monday we went to the Mall to pick up an outfit for The Girl for my brother's wedding in May. She and my niece are wearing the same outfit. Fun, huh? We got matching clothes for the boys from Target. They are going to look so darling!

The guy at Picture People was standing outside in the Mall doing balloon animals. He wanted me to come in so he could take pictures of the kids and he'd give me one for free, but The Boy was in play clothes, The Girl and spit up on herself and I had Baby T with me. It was kind of a big NO.

On Tuesday I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. No cavities and they are still watching that pesky tooth that I had to have a 2nd root canal on back in October. The rest of the day I worked on cleaning our room and cleaning out my side of the closet. I took all my "skinny" clothes and boxed them up because I have like 3 wardrobes in there - maternity, after baby, chunky, and skinny. So, I got all my maternity bagged up and my skinny clothes boxed up and just the after baby and chunky clothes are in the closet right now. Hopefully I'll be getting those skinny clothes out in June! But there was absolutely no room to hang any of Will's current clothes, so something had to be done. He still needs to go through the million tshirts he has hanging in there so we can slim down our closet even more.

Today The Girl had her 2 month appointment and she is GROWING! She is 23 inches long and 12 lbs 9.9 oz!!! Can you believe that? Her pediatrician wanted to know if The Boy was this big at the same age, I said Yep! I think he might have even been bigger. She got 3 shots today and boy was she mad! I've never heard her scream like that. The nurse said, "Are you cussing us out in baby?" I think she was. I think she was.

After the appointment we met my "cousin" at Chuck E. Cheese and the kids went wild and had fun, fun fun! The kids were hilarious and kept coming back for "money" to play the games. When my cousin went to fill up her drink she saw the kids and they kind of followed her over to where she was. Well, The Boy decides to help himself to the Jello on the salad bar and picks up the serving spoon and starts shoveling it in his mouth!!!!!!!!!! She yells "NO!" and he then throws the spoon back into the bowl out of fear and so she had to tell the lady that he goobered the spoon and the Jello. Sick!

This afternoon we made cookies for Will. He's working late this week, so hopefully it will be a good surprise. It's only 2.5 weeks until my inlaws get home from their mission. WE ARE SO EXCITED! It has been a long 18 months for me:) We went from seeing them pretty much every day to not at all and it stunk. But they were where they were supposed to be, so I tried not to complain . . . too much.


Crystal said...

WHY THE ENDLESS TSHIRTS?!?! Steve is the same way!! Where do they come from !?!?

Jaime said...

Ditto that! Seriously, the t-shirts are like little white bunnies multiplying when I sleep! And I am excited as well to see the in-laws return. Jackie's roped me into helping her with the homecoming party so you better come and eat some cookies! :)

Mandy said...

That outfit from Target is ADORABLE! I wonder if it comes in 5T and 2T?

Tami said...

I love the pictures--way to capture such a sweet baby smile!

Davis Family said...

I hate the multiple wardrobes. it's just annoying, and all my after baby clothes are ugly, but there's no way i'm going to spend money to replace them!

Deb said...

Adorable fun pictures!

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