Saturday, February 21, 2009


Welp, tomorrow night we are having a special Stake meeting to tell us how they are rearranging the ward boundaries. I'm sad that our ward will be changed, but I understand that it needs to be done. I'm all nervous excited for tomorrow night to see what will happen.

So, after going to lunch with my friend last Friday she gave me the great idea for a listening jar. We started it on Wednesday night and it has worked really well. He earns a listening ball for listening:) If he listens and does something the first time I ask, he gets a listening ball. If I have to ask him 3 times he loses a ball or if he sasses he loses a ball. Once he fills his jar he gets to go to the zoo and he's so excited. The first ball he lost was when he sassed Will and he had a major conniption fit and you'd think his world had come to an end. It was pretty hilarious.

Friday we went to park day and The Boy had a blast hanging out with his friends. Last week I after Sunbeams I asked him who was in his class and he started listing names and then he said, "Luke, but he won't talk to me. He is being quiet to me." I just laughed and then after park day I asked him who he played with and he listed some names and then said, "Luke and he's not being quiet to me anymore." It was pretty funny.

Today we went to W-town and Will got a haircut and worked on the car again - to let a little bit of oil out. The Boy got to play with his cousins and he loved every minute of it. However, when we got ready to go, he came back from Will's brother's house and when he turned around I noticed it looked like he had wet his pants. He had! It wasn't his fault really. He had a hook closure on his shorts and he didn't know how to get it undone and so he just stood in the bathroom and wet himself. Poor kid!

Tonight he ate pie that we got from Marie Callendar's and loved every minute of it. Yum!


The Ordeel said...

I love the Marie Calendar Dutch Apple pie the best. I mean it is better than any pie in the world.

The Ordeel said...

Oh, and I am going to do that listening jar idea, too. I was thinking of using beans, but the beans are too small and take too long to fill a jar. I didn't want to buy marbles so I let the idea hand. Cotton balls! What a perfect idea. We definitely need that in our house.

The Ordeel said...

Whoops. Not "hand." "Hang."

Mama said...

the listening jar is a super good idea. i'm totally doing that too. it's so funny how both our kids go through the same phases. it's nice to know some one else is experiencing your same frustrations on a daily basis. what's you week like?? let's have a play date!! text me a good day. monday is bad.

Deb said...

I am going to use the listening jar for Josie. Wish me luck...wait a minute I think my teenagers need one too!!! Thanks!

Amber Sheffield said...

I will have to try the JAR with my 5 year old..I think I'm about to go crazy from the agreements on why he shouldn't have to do things!

Jaime said...

I love pie month!

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