Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're Official!

We got our tree last night and what a tree it is! I really liked the place where we got it (at the OC Fairgrounds). The prices are all the same - no matter what size - depending on the type of tree you choose - either Noble or Grand. We got a Grand Fir because they were cheaper and they looked and smelled fabulous! We really did like the tiny (like 2 footers) Noble Firs, and one would have fit nicely on top of our table, but I didn't think all of our fabulous ornaments would fit. I think it is my favorite tree that we've gotten in the 7 years we've been married. It's the perfect shape and size for the little space we have for it in our house. It smells wonderfully and it's really fresh. Plus, it took us like 2 seconds to decide. The guy took us over to Grands, picked one up that he said was really fresh, and I said, "That's perfect!" and Will agreed. The Boy loved the place and he especially loved playing in the tiny trees. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but by the time he was playin in them, I was watching the guy put the tree on the stand.

We were also quite the sight getting to the tree lot. We decided to take the truck - well, we kind of had to - but we had debated about taking separate cars because The Boy hates sitting in the back seat with his legs squished to him. So, I said he could up front (the air bags turns off) and I would sit in the back. It was pretty hilarious getting my in and out of the cab. When I tried to get out at the tree lot, I got my belly stuck in between the door and seat. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't do anything but just sit there. Will is like, "You'll have to get up higher to clear the seat." So I gave a heave and up and out I went.

Just a picture of the boys with one of the trees on the lot.
We were fast decorators last night too. We came home, got it in the right spot, and I started puttting the lights on. The Boy was really excited to put the star on. I didn't get to take a picture of that either, because Will was holding him up and I was helping him hold the star and pull the top of the tree down a little bit so he could reach it. I think he was so excited to do it because of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas when Pluto gets to put the star on the tree. As soon as we got home and I said I was going to put the lights on it, he asked, "Can we put a star on it too?" When it came to putting the ornaments on, he wanted to put all the ornaments in the same spot:) So he handed me the ornaments, I put the hooks on them and he pointed where to put them. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to this!
It's not quite as dramatic as snow, but here in SoCal I'll take some weather variety any day! It was the perfect day to stay home and start the baking for my Christmas Treat plates. It poured for about an hour in the late morning and then drizzled the rest of the day. I loved it!The chocolates I made last week, with my cookies and caramels will be all ready to deliver tomorrow. It really does take about 3 days to get all the cookies baked and decorated. Yesterday we did the sugar cookies. They are all baked, but I won't decorate them until the day we're ready to deliver because it's harder to store frosted cookies than it is plain sugar cookies - I just don't have enough Tupperware. Today I've been working on gingerbread babies - as The Boy calls them (ala Jan Brett) and he's had fun making those and eating them. I'd also like to get the Egg Nog Creams done today too. Phew! Then that leaves caramels and snickerdoodles for tomorrow.

This is the state of my kitchen right now and will be for next couple of days.
So, this morning I got the stairs and entry way all vacuumed and the spots at the bottom of the stairs cleaned with Resolve. I'm starting to feel the pinch of time because I don't want my house to be in utter chaos when the baby comes. Will came down the stairs for work this morning when I was half done with the stairs and he said, "Are you having that baby soon or something?" I got like this with The Boy too. I totally went crazy rearranging and organzing and cleaning before he was born. In fact, the night my water broke (well, it was really 2am), I started cleaning the apartment in a frenzy. Will wakes up in the bedroom and sees all the lights on and says, "What are you doing out there?" I said, "I think we're having the baby tonight." He said, "Did your water break?" I replied in the affirmative and that all I could think about was that my mom was coming and things needed to be straightened up a bit.

This weekend we are getting together with our friends that are in town for Christmas at another friend's house. I'd really love to take The Boy to see the LA Temple all decorated, but I don't know if that is going to happen. It is such a long drive in my current state. We are now less than 2 weeks from the induction date (as long as I'm "ripe" lol) and I'm getting nervous to be the mom of two. I'm excited for this baby, but worried about the lack of sleep and a high energy 3-year-old that is still going to need to be entertained. Thank goodness for daddy and Grandma T those first few weeks! Oh and when we get to Utah - he's all Aunt K's!

Here is my page for yesterday.


Mandy said...

What a cute page! You can handle two, you are superwoman. :)

Jaime said...

Love that page with the circle and alternating pictures. You're so creative! Two is an adjustment, but it will be fun! Just be prepared to not do quite as much as you used to. But babies are really quite portable in the beginning anyway, so it'll be fine. Plus, it's a girl, do you know how much you'll adore her! I'm so excited for you. Gotta get you those clothes!

Hey Maughan said...

You crack me up--it's the superwoman final nesting stage I guess. You are going a mile a minute when you should be down with your feet up-- shouldn't you? Oh wait, you're a mom. Not gonna happen!!

dancin' momma said...

I love your tree! And I love your adventures of getting out of the truck even more!! I couldn't stop laughing...Merry Christmas!! we're just waiting for an exciting phone call from you!

The Ordeel said...

Oooohhh. Very pretty tree. We are getting a lot of rain today too, but it is all freezing and we might even get up to an INCH accumulation of ice alone before it turns to sleet and then snow. Do you miss the midwest winters still? Hey, good luck Monday--I hope you are "ripe."

AW said...

Can I please have a treat plate! PLEASE, you always made the best treats! I love your sugar cookies. Ryan and I were laughing about your good ole scone parties the other night. Anywho, miss you!

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