Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sea World Adventures

We had a fun filled weekend - and really enjoyed having the four day holiday! On Friday morning we went to Atlantis Park with my cousin and Aunt H. The Boy was so excited to see my cousin's little girl and they played hard for about 2 hours straight. I'd never been to the park, but Will remembered it from his childhood and said it was cool. He was right! On Friday night we went to the Stake Trunk or Treat that got rescheduled due to the Prop 8 campaign events. The Boy had fun, but he got tired after the first 2 rows of cars and didn't do the last two. However, I was fine with that because he got so much candy! We thought we were getting rid of candy with Will passing it out, but we just ended up with more! We really got use out of this year's costume - he wore it 4 times! Sweet!

On Saturday we just took it easy during the daytime. I had big plans to get a lot of work done, but that just didn't happened. I'm starting to feel myself slow down and get tired just from simple house cleaning - it's really annoying! However, I am starting to feel the "nesting" set in and I was to PURGE , PURGE , PURGE! That night we met Will's bosses at Dave & Busters for some food and fun. It was SO fun! It was fun to talk with everyone and The Boy loved playing ski ball and the game where you insert the tokens to knock the tokens off the edge and win tickets. He ended up with enough tickets to get this crazy football/pig plush thing that squeals when you hit it. Crazy! We were really worried about how he would do that night because REFUSED to take a nap. He laid on his bed for almost 3 hours and never slept. He just sang and looked at books. What a nut!

Sunday was same old, same old at church. That afternoon The Boy took an excellent nap and passed out in less than 5 minutes of laying down. That evening we packed up the car table and headed to Westminster with my pan of "Funeral" Sour Cream Potatoes for my nephew's birthday dinner. With The Boy moving into the bunk bed room, there just isn't room for the table in there. So, we've handed it down to my nephew and now I'm on the hunt for a shelving/organization unit for The Boy's toys. I'm looking at stuff like this:
Monday I took The Boy to see "Madagascar 2". It was super cute and he did a good job sitting through the whole thing - even though I thought it was a little long for a kid's movie. Before we went into the movie, we stopped at Panera to pick up a bagel. I just had to have a Cinnamon Sugar, but then when I saw they have gingerbread for the holidays, I almost fainted. YUMMY! I recommend that you try it.

Tuesday we met my friend, her kids, and nieces at Sea World. It was so fun and the weather was really nice. The Boy loves this little girl. They are like best buddies and we are so sad that we don't live close enough for them to play together more often. However, it's always fun when we get together! We fed the dolphins for the very first time (I'd like to protest the exorbitant price of $6 for 3 fish!) and it was so fun. I was so proud of The Boy petting the dolphin and dropping the fish in it's mouth.

On the way home I stopped at the Carter's outlet in Carlsbad to find some jammies and maybe a holiday sweater/shirt The Boy could wear. Well, I lucked out because jammies were 50-60% off! I didn't find any holiday clothes that I liked, so I'm still on the hunt. But look at this cute stuff I did find!

For Christmas Eve

For our trip to Utah in January. Brrr! Will thinks The Boy might be too big for footie pj's, but disagree! LOL
Because I'm nervous she'll come home before Christmas and I won't have a cute outfit for her! LOL

Feeding the dolphins!

Here are some pictures of myself that I took last week - 32 weeks. I can't believe I've only got 7 weeks to go!!! Insane! My belly button hasn't popped - it never did with The Boy - but it's really sore to the touch around that area. I wonder if mine can? Hmmmmm . . . . makes you think. Does your belly button "pop" during the last trimester? Answer the poll! Also, these pictures are mostly for my sister, because she is diligent and takes pictures throughout her pregnancies. However, she is cute when she's pregnant and I am not, so I HATE taking pictures when I'm pregnant. But she keeps bothering me, so here they are, just for you, Keek!


Mama said...

my belly button pops by 4 months!!!

Mandy said...

Fun pictures, cute belly. :) Mine never pops. (Knock on wood!)

Crystal said...

oh whatever....and are you going to be in utah the same time as me!?!?! You I can meet...the bee. That is the nickname I came up with her for your blog.

marissa said...

You are very cute pregnant! No, my belly button never pops either.

Davis Family said...

my electrolysis lady has the 3rd one down - and it holds tons of toys. she's got 3 kids and a small toy closet under the stairs. it's worked great for her. i can't believe you're baby is coming in 47 days - give or take - hopefully take!

Crystal said...

Nevermind, I changed her blog name to to mama.

Mama said...

okay so i think you should get the fourth option on the storage thingy only because it looks like it can convert to a book case later on. i'm all about things that have more than one purpose.

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