Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Did It!

I decorated the blog for Halloween! I just had to. I love this time of year and I couldn't let it pass me by without honoring the fabulous holiday of Halloween. Since it's October 1st, The Boy and I will be pulling out the decorations tonight to get the house into the festivities.

Oh! But it's still freaking hot here! Almost 100 degrees today - SICK! says that it supposed to cool down significantly tomorrow and I hope so. We are doing to Disneyland with my parents and little sister and it better not be 100 while I'm trudging around with a jillion people. We did get some relief today and went swimming. It was fun and cool at the same time.

I have so many funny stories to tell you about The Boy, but whenever I sit down to blog about them, my pregnant brain forgets what they were. I need to get a notepad and jot them down when they happen so that I can remember what I was going to write about! LOL Sad.


Melanie said...

It looks really cute!!

Melissa said...

Festive. Nicely done.

Cherish said...

Love the header!

jennmom2000 said...

Super cute!

I Said This said...

Parents and little sister?!?! What the? I didn't know they were there. Well, I bet they wish they were here b/c it's only like 80. Just Kidding :). Me and the kids went to the beach today and it was beautiful. Are they going to be there for conference? Love the new blog look. I want to decorate my house tonight too, I need more decorations...well, this is kind of turning into a blog post instead of a comment on a blog post. Check out the comment on my my last blog post...I thought that was kind of creepy.

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