Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yo, ho, yo, ho, A Pirate Family!

We had a fun filled weekend - where to begin! Saturday morning we got up and got ready for our big day of parties. My nephew had a his 6th birthday party at a bowling alley back in our old neighborhood, so we headed there first. The Boy was so excited to go "bowling balls" and he bowled a 102. After about the 6th frame he got a little distracted, but he held on and finished out the game. He was even big enough for their smallest pair of bowling shoes. So cute! After bowling it was time for pizza and soda and he was trying to get root beer out of someone - LOL. However, I opted for him to have lemonade instead. He ate 2 pieces of pizza and was begging his Uncle Pablo for a 3rd piece, but when I told him cake was coming soon, he switched mindsets and started saying, "I NEED CAKE!" It took all of his self-control to not to dig in and wait until his cousin finished opening his presents. His Aunt V cut huge pieces of cake (as not to have any cake to take home - and I don't blame her!) and The Boy ate almost all of his. It was crazy. He was the last one left at the table and he just kept working on it. I finally had to cut him off because I didn't want a repeat of what happened at Agora on Tuesday!

After the bowling party we headed to Walmart to pick up some new underwear for The Boy. He's just growing too fast! There were about 5 different character prints - after I banned Sponge Bob - and he had a hard time picking his favorite. He told me he "needed all of them!" He finally settled on Spiderman and we were off to get some other necessities - like horchata mix. Hee, hee.

Our second party for the day was for The Boy's friend's little brother at the park near our old house. It was so fun. The Boy and his friend played so well together. My favorite was when they both had water guns and he would chase her and then they would switch roles and she would chase him. He went the entire day without a nap and he was so pleasant the whole day. No tantrums, no crying, it was just amazing - and totally rare!On our way home we stopped by the house to see Aunt H. She's been a jet setter lately, so we felt like we hadn't seen her in forever. We visited and hung for a little bit and then it was time to go home to see Will. He had to work earlier in the day, so he missed out on all the fun. That night was when are real family fun began. The Boy was so excited to show his dad his cool new underwear. Then, he got the great idea that if he put the underwear on his head that he had a hat like a pirate and it made him Captain Hook! It was so hilarious. Will was also given a pair of underwear and a screwdriver as a sword and he was donned Peter Pan. I was given a pair of underwear and a Pez dispenser and donned Smee. He like sword fighting with Will, but he had the better "sword" and it was taking a toll on Will's knuckles. So, he tried to get The Boy to switch with him, but The Boy knew he had a good thing, and he wouldn't give it up. I was also not allowed to be Peter Pan, so I couldn't fight. He told me to "row for the ship!" with my Pez dispenser. It was all to hilarious and luckily Will told me to take some pictures. Oh! The underwear on his arms is his "shirt". What a nut!


Jaime said...

So much fun! I love it when they use their imaginations! Cute new blog look!

iowamom said...

So hilarious! He's looks so grown up!

Melanie said...

How cute!! I love the blog change! Oh..and the little prego girl on the side is super cute. Where did you find that? Do they have different ones? Such a cute face!!

The Harry Herald said...

I love the underwear. What a cute little guy!

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