Friday, August 29, 2008

He's a Star!

So the OCPL System had a summer reading program at each branch that was sponsored by the Angels. As they read so many hours, they got little prizes along the way and if they reached 20 hours then their names when into a drawing for Angels tickets. Well, guess who won for the Katie Wheeler Branch? Our little guy!
Well, last week I get a phone call from the Children's Librarian at the branch because she wanted to verify my information so the representative from the Angels could get in touch with me about what would happen during the pre-game ceremony. CEREMONY? I had no idea there was a ceremony involved. I just thought he got 4 nosebleed tickets to enjoy for the evening.So sure enough, on Monday of this week the representative from the Angels calls me to confirm The Boy's participation in the ceremony. I find out that he gets to go out onto the field with the other winners, have his name announced, and his face put up on the jumbotron. Cool! When I tell Will what's involved, he says what I'm thinking, "Do they know he's only 2?" LOL When the rep talked to me, she said we'd meet outside of the office, they'd collect all the kids, the parents would go in to watch from the seats behind home plate, and they'd take all the kids down to the field without me. Wahahahahaha! Will and I were wondering how that was going to go for my little coconut.
(If you go HERE I think you can see the photo the guy in the orange shirt took)

When we get there, the rep says to me, as she checks The Boy in, that I am welcome to accompany him down to the field since he is the youngest of the group. I REALLY didn't want to be down on the field in front of all those people, but I was worried if he had a meltdown what the poor Angels people would do. So, after talking with Will and Aunt H, we decide it is best that I go.

He did so well and he was so excited to go to the BASEBALL GAME! However, he was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go out there and actually play with the baseball and equipment. It was a good thing I went with him, because they had them waiting for a long time and he started getting really anxious standing in a straight line and not moving. It also didn't help when the Nascar driver brought the car onto the field and revved it up as it drove past him. He started saying, "No fireworks, mommy!" In the end, my worst fear was realized, and I had to actually stand behind him when the camera came to put his picture up on the jumbotron. Luckily, I stayed to the side behind the kid before him and I avoided having my face plastered up there with his.He was making the guy in charge of the media stuff on the field really nervous. About 2 minutes before we're about to "go on". He says to me, "Is he going to be ok? Are you going to need to stay with him?" So, to make everyone feel better, I decided I better just stay put. It was funny, because he kept trying to leave the field and run back to me every 2-3 minutes on the warm up track, and the media guy would say, "Hey, get back over there, " and he would. Looking back, I should have kept him on the track with me until they were ready for the ceremony and then had him go stand in line, but it still went well and we have our little Angels star!P.S. Will got a video of him on the jumbotron, but I didn't get a picture since I was crouching behind the line trying not to be seen. LOL If I can ever find my DV cable I will put the video on the blog.


iowamom said...

How fun!! He looks like he had a blast!

Laura said...

ARE you kidding ME!!!??? What a cool thing!!! He looks great in that uniform!!

Melanie said...

He's such a cutie!!

Tami said...

So cute! What a fun experience!

Vivian said...

How exciting for him!

Mandy said...

What a cute little guy! That is so awesome!

Mama said...

that is so fun. how exciting.

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