Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Whirlwind of Activity

I'm sorry that I've been a bad blogger, we have been so busy around here, that I haven't had time to scrap or blog - what a sad life! Ha! I'm trying to get the house in tip top shape before my mom, sister and her 2 kids, littlest sister, and brother & his wife all arrive on Friday. I had to clean out the third bedroom so that we could get it ready to receive bunk beds today. Well, I got it all cleaned out, Will put up the blinds, and the bunk beds came today. We were halfway through putting them together, when we realized we have 2 of the same pieces for the top bunk, so it's impossible to put it together. I called the company and left a message - as it was almost 8:00 at night - and they promptly called me back about 15 minutes later to resolve the issue. How awesome is that? We might not get the new piece until Saturday, but we got the full bed put together, so my mom can sleep on that and we'll fit everyone else around the house. Besides, Grandma is the only one that matters, right? LOL

In between all the cleaning and organizing The Boy and I have still been trying to get in a couple of fun activities each week. He loves going to the Lagoon and the pool. We even went to the beach a few weeks ago with friends and that was a lot of fun.

::Funny beach story, but don't read if you're easily offended::

So The Boy and I arrived at the beach first and are getting ourselves settled when he says, "I have to go potty!" Ahhh! There are no bathrooms in sight. I have a feeling the bathroom is 4 towers down, but there is no way I'll make it down there with him, our stuff, and my gimpy foot. (side note: My plantar fascitis has been acting up in my right foot and that week it was especially painful) before he wets anyway. So, I pull out his sand bucket, pull down his pants, and tell him to go for it. He was hesitant at first, but after it was all over, he thought it was awesome. He asked later in the day if he could go potty in his bucket again. I told him it was a one time deal, no repeat offers.

::Story over::

He's also been to a couple of birthday parties and had a fabulous time. The party he went to on Saturday was his dream come true. There was a pool, crocodiles, and a swingset - he didn't want to go home! It was a croc themed party and they even went on a croc hunt and got to take home a 3 ft crocodile home with him. Given his current love of Captain Hook and the crocodile, he was in heaven!

One of the greatest things is that Aunt H has moved home! We try to get her to come and visit us as often as we can. She came with Aunt V and the boys to swim last week. At first, The Boy told me he was going to swim in the "tiny pool", but when all his cousins jumped into the "big pool", he had to be where the action was at. On Friday we took Aunt H to dinner and after we dropped Will off at home, we went to The Marble Slab at the Anaheim City Walk to visit one of my YW girls, see my friends that own the place, and of course, get some yummy ice cream! We had strawberry and it was divine. I highly recommend it.

This week we went to the Lagoon with 3 girls I used to teach with and Aunt H. He loved having Aunt H there because she took him down the slide "lotta, lotta times!" We shopped for sheets and curtains and mattresses. Oh, the joys of furnishing a room. I think we're almost ready for all of our company to come and even if we aren't, WE'RE JUST SO EXCITED THEY'RE COMING!

I promise to take "a lotta, lotta" pictures and share them in a timely manner. Oh, and in case you're wondering, my plantar fascitis is feeling remarkably better this week. Thank goodness!

And in case you're wondering how potty training is going - FABULOUS! We had about 10 days of terribleness and I thought I was going to go nuts. Not only would he not poop in the toilet away from home, but he wouldn't poop in the toilet at home. He just kept pooping his pants and I was getting SOOOO frustrated. Then, on Saturday we had a breakthrough at the hospital visiting our cousin and her new cutie baby. While I was in the room visiting, Will was in the waiting room with The Boy. I guess he told Will he had to go potty and he did - plus he pooped! Who knew poop could be that exciting? So, he pooped away from home and he told someone other than me that he had to do it. I was so proud! Since then, even at nursery, he hasn't had an accident ::knock on wood:: and he keeps telling us when he has to go potty. I even took him away from the house in regular underwear yesterday - brave, I know. I owe it all to big orange popsicles. He gets one whenever he tells us he has to poop and makes it to the toilet. So, everytime he's sitting on the toilet and he poops, he shouts, "I get a popsicle!" Yea!

Wow, I don't know if I could have used the word "poop" more often in a blog post than I did today. Sorry!


iowamom said...

that's so exciting for you about potty training! Have so much fun with the fam!!

Davis Family said...

I'm excited to see pictures of the room - so post them. I'm also excited for your pooping success!

Vivian said...

Bravo on the potty training! It's one of things I have always hated having to do.

Mama said...


jamie said...

Loved the peeing in the bucket at the beach story!!! Although having your kid potty trained IS great, there really are some advantages to diapers :)

Larissa said...

Tell the everyone i say hi when you see them :D

Hey Maughan said...

It's been fun catching up on your blog. You are so funny! We need to get our rascals together...

Jaime said...

Hey chickie, the water playland is at Sigler Park. It's the park by the Westminster building across the street from the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. Maybe you could come go with us sometime, I'm sure your little guy would have a blast!

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