Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The Boy and his friend with their cute teacher.

Hey all you blog readers, Happy 4th! I'm a day late, but I like to celebrate for more than one day. I usually try to drag my birthday out for a week or so:) We started the day at swimming lessons for our final class and The Boy got to show off for his dad. I'm really proud of the progress he made. He went from clinging to me and screaming to kicking with a kickboard by himself if I'll hold the front. I think he'll be ready for a private lesson next year and hopefully he'll be able to swim by himself next summer. I can dream!

We spent the afternoon just lazying around and it was so nice. Will has worked everyday since June 9th, so it was a nice break for him. We thought of heading over to the pool, but it was packed on the Memorial Day weekend, so we just assumed it would be really packed for the Fourth. We found out later from our neighbors that no one was there and it was really nice.

That evening we went to our Stake party and it was so much fun. They had awesome Korean BBQ and sticky rice and oriental salad. Yummy! Will and I were both glad that The Boy only wanted a little bit of chicken and rice and left the beef for us to split. There was live music and The Boy had fun running around with the other kids.

After dinner we walked over to the park across the street from our building and sat with other families in our ward to watch the Woodbridge Community fireworks. The Boy had fun playing with his friend and they made cute monkey faces. His mom took pictures of them, so I'll have to try and get a copy of their funny faces. The Boy wasn't too sure about the fireworks. I think he was still a little wary of them since our last Disneyland experience, but he did fine and we made it to the end of the show.

His favorite thing - going under the water.

Ok, mothers of wild boys, I need some advice. My little guy just gets so excited when he's playing with his friends that he gets too rough and he ends up hurting them. What can I do? He's not a malicious guy - he just loves to play and gets so wound up that he doesn't think about what he's doing. Any advice on what to say to him? We always pull him away and let him know that he's hurt his friend and he has to apologize. He's always really remorseful, but it still keeps happening and I'm worried no one will play with him because they're afraid of him. If you know The Boy at all, you know he's always been full of excitement. I don't want to kill the excitement because it's his darling personality, but I just want to tame it so he can play with out running his friends over. Advice???


Vivian said...

So cute he looks swimming!

About the roughness, just gently remind him before he plays to be soft and gently remind him throughout the play date to be soft. Be consistent in telling him to be soft, eventually he will get it. Remember that it takes us about 30 days to pick up a new habit, so it may take awhile before he finally gets the concept of being soft with his friends.

Jaime said...

All I can say is this too shall pass. I've learned that every phase that seems so impossible and frustrating is all of a sudden gone and we didn't even realize it had passed. Of course, still encourage him to be gentle, but just realize that he's SO NORMAL and it really will pass. He's so cute and sweet! Also, no fair that he'll go under water! Jeremy's 5 and he's still terrified of that!

Mama said...

i got moma to blow bubbles the other day in the pool while she put her face in, but she didn't care for it too much. we'll have to have another play date soon so that the boy can show her how it's done. also, moma has been attacking another little girl in nursery for the past few weeks when church is over. she goes to give her a hug and a kiss goodbye and you can tell the little girl is just like "get the heck off of me!!" i feel so bad for her, but i know moma just wants to give her loves. they're just so excited about stuff and they don't realize their own strength. plus our kids are so much bigger than most kids their ages that they just tower over them and intimidate them. we can't help it that our kids are giants!!

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