Monday, June 23, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Today was our first day of our mommy and me swimming class. I talked to The Boy the entire time about how it was a "big pool" and not a "tiny pool" and that his friend would be there and we would all swim together. He's all excited about it and then we get there, meet our teacher, and we're coming down the stairs to get in, and he starts freaking out. He gets in the pool all the time at our house, but now he's acting like it's something crazy and new and he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Poor kid. So after a few minutes, I just grabbed him, and we got in. He was fine. However, he clung to me like a spider monkey and wouldn't let go. My friend's little boy did really well and tried some kicking and jumping. The Boy would go under water - one of his favorite things, but he wouldn't let go of me to try kicking. He did jump in a couple of times. At the end he did let the swim instructor take him and he tried to kick to me. Progress!

We have lessons for the next two weeks and I hope he gets more comfortable in the water. I think next summer I'll try a one-on-one lesson for him because he'll be three and I think he'll be ready for it.


Laura said...

OH yes the classic why won't they perfrom when you want them to. Lilly did swim when she was 3, she lacked cordanation well even at 4 she does, but she loves it and loves the water.

Melissa said...

I think he'll just warm right into it. Sounds fun.

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