Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleeping with the . . . . Princess Ariel???

Yep, that's what The Boy has been doing for about 2 weeks now. We had a primary activity called Dad's R Rad the Saturday before Father's Day. We borrowed a cool golfing hole from a family in our ward, along with a few "nautical" items - a Little Mermaid Barbie Doll, a Beanie Baby Fish, and a shark. That night, The Boy insisted on sleeping with all of them. They were in good company with the 10+ other plush animals he sleeps with - a giraffe, Shamu, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, a pig, and Rocket, just to name a few.

Well, we need to return the items to the family and I am always so slow about getting my act together and returning things. It's a terrible character trait of mine. Actually, if I was just returning the items, it would be no big deal. I'd take them to church and call it good. But I'd like to make treats and say thanks and I have felt icky for about a week now and so it just hasn't gotten done. Now they are on vacation, so it will have to wait at least another week.

However, The Boy is thrilled that it is taking me so long. He loves having extra friends and he has taken a special liking to the Ariel doll. Each night when I get his bed ready, I move the Ariel doll out of the way. It's like a Barbie doll - made of plastic and not very snuggly. Each night he immediately looks for it and grabs it. We say goodnight and he goes to bed. Well, tonight I finally figured out why he thinks it is so fabulous - HER HAIR! If any of you know The Boy very well, you know he totally has a hair fetish. He has since he was a tiny baby and it continues to this day. He loves to sit next to me and twiddle my hair. In the mornings when Will brings him into our room, he snuggles into bed and immediately grabs my hair. So, tonight, when he grabbed the doll, he took her hair and held it like a pony tail in one hand and then started twiddling it with the other hand.

So, I might need to find myself an Ariel doll. Any one have any idea where I can find one? LOL


Mama said...

okay... i was a little bit afraid when i saw the post title. i was like oh no!!.. the boy doesn't strike me as one that would play with dolls and that's always something parents (especially dads) get freaked out about. but once you mentioned the hair thing, i totally got it. he loves hair!! no wonder it's his favorite!! too bad manly toys don't have long luxurious hair he could play with. maybe you could glue an ariel head to one of his tools or something? that might work!

iowamom said...

How hilarious! I love that he still has his hair fetish! How does Will feel about his love for the doll?!

Kenna said...

Ahhhh, memories! This is a little off, but do you remember when we were 'mermaids' at Barbara's wedding???? I don't know why, but that picture took me back to that day, with us and our feet in the pool! Too bad you don't have your skirt anymore. It's been a great river dress for me!! : )

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