Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a Wonderful Wednesday

We had a fabulous Wednesday and I have to blog about it so I can remember it always. Our Disneyland pass is expiring on June 2nd and we're not renewing ::sigh:: and so I wanted to take The Boy for one last hurrah before it was too late. The last two months we've been trying to go once a week so that I can get all the use out of it we can. So yesterday I was already up early because it was a walking day, but I wasn't feeling to hot, so I was thinking of pushing the trip to Thursday. However, when I get home The Boy is already wide awake and asking when we are leaving, so I decide I can't disappoint and we better get a move on. With some quick skills and luck we were on the road by 8:15 and in the park by five to 9:00. Perfect. He really wanted to ride Nemo, but we waited in line for Nemo the last 2 times for about 45 minutes each time and even though he was really good each time, I just didn't have it in me that day. So, we went to Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Alice in Wonderland, Storybook Boats, and the Carousel. I thought that was a good haul and so we headed over to the Tiki Room. He was so excited to "wake up Jose" and played the drums along with the Tiki just like always. It just makes my heart so happy to see him so excited.

After the Tiki Room we went over to California Adventure to see the Playhouse Disney Show. He LOVES that thing - especially since it's been updated to include Little Einstein's, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I think the people around us watched him more than the show because he has it memorized and sings along and jumps around and says the characters' lines before they can say them. The lady next to me laughed out loud when the Little Einsteins announced the song of the day - Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov - and before they can finished his name The Boy shouts out, "Korsakov!"

We stopped by the big wave/waterfall thing and ate our lunch and then went over to the Mission Tortilla Factory. I was so excited that for our last trip to California Adventure they had flour tortillas! The last two times it has been corn - and although I like them, they just aren't as yummy. Then, he insisted we go over to the Boudin Bakery Tour so he could get bread too. Yummy again! After that I decided we should go home. He was getting tired and we had been there 4 hours already. So we headed home, but as we almost home I'm regretting that we didn't get to see the Pixar Parade one last time. So he slept until 3:00 and then I threw him in the car and we headed back over to see the parade and do some more rides.

While we were waiting for the parade, we wandered into the store and perused and walked around. He loved trying on the hats that made him look like the characters from his favorite movies - Nemo, Mike, Zurg. However, when he put this hat on, he was smitten:

He wouldn't take it off and he was so thrilled to be Goofy. He was jumping up and down singing Hot Dog like they do on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I was laughing and the people in the store thought we were nuts. His Grandpa T said to get it for him as a gift from his grandparents and he was so proud to walk out of the store with it on his head. He wore it - no joke - until he went to bed that night. He got a lot of comments about how awesome he looked.

After the parade we followed and watch it again at the other end. We were sitting at the Wharf Restaurant and from there The Boy could see the Sun Wheel and shouts, "I want to ride that!" So we did and what an adventure it was! While waiting in line, he took a liking to the family standing next to us and was doing silly things to make them laugh. He thought it was awesome. Then, since we're were only a party of two, they put another party of three in with us - a dad and his two little boys. The Boy was hilarious! I think we were squeezing one another's arms just as equally hard. He was shouting, "Whoa! This is cool! Wow! Cool!" over and over and the dad was laughing at his enthusiasm. If you've never been on The Sun Wheel, it's not your average ferris wheel - some of the cars and swinging and sliding cars - and they are wild. You feel like you're going to go flying over the edge and into the water. Wild. You go around twice. One time is slow while they stop and reload the cars. The second time you go around quickly with no stops and you're really swinging and feeling like you're going to die. During our slower trip, The Boy could see the California Screamin' Roller Coaster and he says, "I want to go on that!" Fat chance. Good thing he's too short. LOL

He thought it was hilarious to jump up and down and make the hat . . .

. . . Do this!

We decided to go over to "a bug's land" to see all the bugs and ride the bumper bugs. On the way over I get a voice mail from my friend saying they are having their friends and family night for their new ice cream store - Marble Slab - over at the Anaheim Gardwalk that night. So, we ride the bumper bugs and then run to the car because we only have 45 minutes to get out of the park and over to the Gardenwalk before they close up. We made it and the whole time The Boy is shouting, "I get ice cream!!!" and saying he wants to see my friend and her two kids. The ice cream was nummy and you have to go over next month when they open for real and get some ice cream. It's like Coldstone - but so much more yummy!

The day was fabulous and I was sad when it was over. I've so enjoyed having this special thing to be able to do with The Boy. He's such a sweetheart, he has so much enthusiasm, and each trip is just as exciting as the one before. I know some people might think that taking so many trips to Disneyland would make him complacent and like - I've already done this before. But nope, each time is just as fabulous as the very first time.

We have Will's company party at the Disneyland Park next month, so we'll have that day together as a family and I'm determined to stay all day! LOL We have to get all the fun it we can and we have to ride Ne! I'm also half tempted to sprint over to California Adventure this afternoon after his nap since Will is working late. LOL! I'm so crazy.

Thanks for a year of lots of Disneyland laughs and smiles, The Boy!


Mama said...

we're not going to renew our passes once they expire either. i'm so sad. maybe someday i can save up and get them again. i just love taking moma to d-land but it became too hard with being pregnant and all my restrictions. i'm so sad. we're going to whoop it up in august one last time before they expire as well. so sad!!

Vivian said...

I remember how sad I was when we decided not to renew our passes three years ago. I'm so glad we did have them because the boys were always so thrilled to go to Disneyland and they never got tired of it. It was always a new adventure for them. I sure miss going and hopefully in the next few years we can afford to get passes again.

Mandy said...

Yup, I'm so glad I did that with Maggie for a year. It was so fun, and we love looking at the scrapbook of all our autographs and photos. Glad you went out with a bang!

Tami said...

What a fun day! I love the hat--he's sooooo adorable!

Cindy said...

Sounds like fun!! The Boy is so cute! That is great that you get to take him there often. I bet he loves it. Love the Goofy hat!!

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