Friday, May 16, 2008

Sea Sick on the high seas of Sea World?

Well, I'm not really sure what caused it, but about 20 minutes from Sea World, sitting in the back of my friend's brand new Dodge Caravan, The Boy starts telling me he needs something. He looks like he's thirsty, but I'm way in the front, he's way in the back and his sippy cup is in my lunch bag in the very back with the stroller, so there's no hope. About five minutes later he says, "Mommy?" in this very uncertain tone and then he just starts throwing up. Yum! He hadn't been too hungry that morning and refused to eat the toast I made him or to share strawberries and milk with me. He had two bites of toast, one strawberry, and a few sips of his milk. However, on the way to the bank that morning, he did grab a bag of fruit snacks out of the garage on the way to the car and eat those. So, I leave it to your imagination as to what the whole scene looked like! LOL

I can only guess that he was car sick or just didn't feel well that morning. I get car sick when I sit in the back and do anything but sit there. So watching the movie in the back might have made him queasy, but I don't know. He's never been car sick before. Luckily my darling friend kept me calm. Since I wasn't driving, I didn't have any extra clothes or extra supply of wipees or anything. She had both and so we pulled over to a gas station, I got him stripped down to a diaper and cleaned his car seat off with wipees. I just let him ride the rest of the way to Sea World in a diaper, because I didn't want the residue to permeate the clean clothes.

He seemed fine after that, except that he was little lethargic sitting in the sun waiting for the Shamu show and he insisted on sitting on my lap. However, once we got him into the shade to eat lunch, he perked right up and got the color back to his face. He would only eat apples, but he didn't toss his cookies again that day, so decided it wasn't the stomach flu. Phew!

He and my friend's little boy were darling the rest of the day and had fun seeing everything. The Boy especially loves the walrus and would stay there the entire day if I let him. The ride home was uneventful. The Boy fell asleep about 20 minutes from us getting ready to leave and he slept through me transferring him into the van and right up until we pulled up to our house. That evening he just wanted to sit next to me and watch Nemo. Then, when I went out to get dinner, he sat on Will's lap until I got home. He had a little temperature (100.5) but nothing to write home about. He was ravenous and gobbled his "chocolate milk, chicken nuggets, and french fries" right up and begged for more. Today he's back to being a maniac, so I think it was a fluke and I'm super grateful it wasn't the flu. And I'm super grateful to my friend for keeping me from freaking out because I was already on the edge that morning because The Boy hadn't slept well the night before.

Today we can't go anywhere that we can't walk to, because I took his car seat all apart and I'm washing everything that I could get off of the seat. LOL When The Boy asked me what I was doing, I said I had to wash it because he barfed on it. And he said, "Yep, just like Ferb." I've told you about how we love Phineus and Ferb from the Disney channel and there is one episode where Ferb burps right at the very end. I told The Boy, no, he didn't burp, he barfed. However, he was highly offended by that and said, "No, I didn't barfed!" Silly boy. I gotta love him. So I think we'll go swimming since it's supposed to 88 degrees today. Ouch.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'm doing the CF Walk in honor of my friend's little boy that passed away at a few days old. (You can find out more HERE) We're also watching two of my nephews that afternoon/evening, so The Boy will be thrilled.


Vivian said...

Glad that whole incident was just a fluke. Lucky you! Little Man is really excited about going over to your house tomorrow.

Mama said...

good luck with the walk. it's going to be hot so be sure to drink plenty of water. it was a scorcher today!!

The Titmi said...

I have 2 car/air sick kids and oh boy I have stories to tell! No fun!

Melissa said...

Poor kid. Throwing up is just awful. Almost as bad as having to clean up afterward. Ack.

Tami said...

I'm glad it wasn't the flu! And I hope you got the smell out of the carseat--that's always a challenge for me.

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