Sunday, May 11, 2008

He Never Knew His Father!

So, I finally figured out what The Boy was saying when he made this wild exclamation that he thought was hilarious, but that we could never decipher. I figured it was probably from a movie or a show, because he loves to quote them, but I just didn't know which one. Well, we our Finding Nemo DVD has been lost since our March trip to Utah and so we haven't watched it in quite awhile. Well, we found it this week and The Boy was so overjoyed that we just had to watch it right then. As we're watching we come to the shark part when Bruce goes crazy because he smells Dori's blood and the funny shark exclaims, "He never knew his father!" At that moment The Boy makes the same exclamation he's made for the past few months and I finally realize what he's been saying. Phew! Mystery solved.
We had a great week. We went to Disneyland on Thursday and had a blast - just the two of us. It was kind of an impromtu trip. I had wanted to take him on Wednesday, but was so wiped out from book club the night before, that I did practically nothing on Wednesday. I think I made pizza for dinner so we could watch the Laker game with Aunt H, but it's all a blur and I can't really be sure. So, as we're getting ready for storytime that morning, I decide we're going to Disneyland! I packed a lunch, we ran to storytime at the library (always fun!) and then headed straight for the park.
As we are waiting in the parking garage The Boy was insisting we ride Small World, but I kept telling him we can't because it's broken. He says, "Don't worry, Mommy, we fix it!" And he breaks into a speach about hammers and screwdrivers and fixing the ride. He gives up after a few minutes and then says he wants to ride Nemo and even though I know the line promises to be terrible, I tell him we can ride it. Sure enough it's a 45 minute wait, but that is the shortest I've ever seen it, so we hop right in. He did so well! We ate our lunch and he just hung out in the stroller for the first 30 minutes and then the last home stretch, he hopped out and stood at the fence looking in the water and talking to the people all around us. The park wasn't too busy and we just had a nice afternoon.
On Friday I was SUPER tired when I got up at 5:25 to check my email to see if my two friends were going to be walking - secretly hoping that they wouldn't;) And sure enough there are two emails saying that one will be out of town and the other is still up with the baby (poor lady!). So I fall back in bed, grateful for another hour of sleep. However, when 9am rolls around I'm feeling guilty for not exercising, so I load The Boy into the jogger, put on my GPS and head out. I decide to take a different route than normal and along the way we find a little park. Of course The Boy wants to play, but he has no shoes (something I do on purpose) so I tell him we'll come back another day. That afternoon we don't go to the ward park day because we had a lunch date with a friend, so he got no park time this week.

Well, every night I ask him what he wants to do the next day as we get ready for bed and guess what he says on Friday night, "I go to the park!" So I promise that we will and he goes to sleep. Saturday morning that is the first thing he asks me, so I get my booty in gear around 10:00 and get ready. I had been doing dishes and tidying up, but he was getting bored of me saying "just one more thing". I packed a lunch and we walked over to the park that was about a mile away and he played and we had a great lunch, just eating and chatting. As we get ready to leave, I ask if he wants to walk for a little bit and he whole heartedly agrees. It was hilarious because on the way there my GPS tracked we were walking a 17 minute mile - a pretty good speed for being in regular clothes and not out to really sweat. Our pace on the way home was 30:17! LOL But he did it, he walked the entire mile home. I kept asking him if he wanted to get in the stroller and he said, "No, mommy, I walk!" It was only the last block when he said, "My feet hurt!" and even then he didn't want to get in the stroller. I was really proud of him.

Today was a fabulous Mother's Day and I hope all of you fabulous women that I know had a fabulous day too. I was awoken to the smell of turkey bacon and The Boy exclaiming, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Too cute. He climbed into bed with me, insisted we watch a show, and helped me eat my bacon. He didn't want my waffles, but he LOVED the bacon. We got a good seat for sacrament meeting, our primary class kept us laughing, and we had a great family dinner with the inlaws, so it was a great day!

The Boy was melting down by the end of the visit with everyone. Earlier, I had moved him out of the room with the two littlest nephews, because he wanted to play with the blocks and I knew that if they tried to play with something he was building (or had built and left by the wayside, but decides as soon as he sees them with it that he can't live without it - LOL) that he would get upset. Eventually the little guys both ended up out with us in the family room and the tears followed quickly. It really makes me sad when he acts that way because he's usually so happy and doesn't mind sharing. But when he's tired or cares especially strongly about something (like the birdhouse and giraffe I had made him) then he just melts down. So it was a recipe for a meltdown. However, I know he's two and I also know that my SILs understand, but that doesn't make it any easier when he's freaking out! It's a good thing I love that kid!
So, Happy Mother's Day! Have a super awesome week and until next time . . .


iowamom said...

I love when you finally figure out what in the world your toddler is saying, and then they look at you like, "that's what I have been saying the whole time mom!"
The LO is so cute. Our kids are adorable. Did you give that to her for mom's day?

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