Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Be Sassy, Mommy

That is another one of The Boy's favorite phrases right now. When he gets sassy, I say to him, "Don't be sassy." Well, as a typical 2 year old, he's turned it back on me. Whenever he doesn't like what I ask him to do he says to me, "Stop! Don't be sassy, mommy." I have to hold my tongue so that I don't laugh. Where did he get his sass from? I think Will is to blame;)

The rest of this week was so much fun! On Thursday morning The Boy and I went to storytime at the Katie Wheeler Library. It's the new library in Irvine and I love it. They took an old estate that belonged to the Irvine family and built it from scratch from old photos (because the original burned down) and turned it into a public library. You have to register for the storytime because it's in a smal room and they don't want 8 million people in there, so it's really cozy and fun. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing like the production they put on at the Provo Library, but she sings songs, does flannel board stories, fingerplays, and reads great stories. The Boy's favorite part is when he gets a good bye stamp on his hand at the end of the session.

After storytime we went straight to California Adventure to my our friends. It was so crazy there! My friend called me from the parking garage when I was just getting off the freeway and said the garage was packed and she had never seen it like that before. It probably took me 20 minutes to get through the line to pay for parking and get parked! Insanity. The line for the tram wasn't too terrible and my friend saved us a place at the front of the line. It made some of the people mad, but oh well. The line for security was normal, so we couldn't figure out what happened to all the people in the parking garage. We watched the new Playhouse Disney show, walked around, got a tortilla and some sourdough bread, and then rode a ride over in Buggy land. By then all the boys were melting down, so my friend took her boys home, and I took the boy over to the benches near the Grand Californian and put him to sleep. I held him for like 2 minutes and he passed out. I laid him in his stroller and he slept for an hour and a half while I read my book. We watched the Pixar Parade and then headed home.

Friday was pool day - since it was 82 degrees outside! One of our friends from the ward - that also lives in the neighborhood - came over too and her boys and The Boy had a grand time. Well, that is until The Boy melted down. He was so tired and he just lost it. So I hauled him home and he passed out. After his nap Will was home and we went to Rubios for dinner. He totally perked up and put on a show for the manager. She thoroughly impressed that he could say quesadilla. Then we went to the car wash and got my car all washed up. Finally!

Today I got up nice and early and went to the CUW Boutique with the same friend from the pool. We did some serious shopping and I got a sweet deal on a Modbe bathing suit from last season. Yes! Afterwards I went and got The Boy and took him over to her house and to help her put the vinyl letters on the wall. Her boys were at the pool with their grandpa, so The Boy just played in her playroom by himself and made a wonderful mess. Getting the letters and scroll work on her wall was no small task because she has textured walls and the letters wouldn't stick. It was driving us insane! But we prevailed and got the letters above her breakfast nook and it looks totally cute. The boy melts down when I go up to get him because he has to leave the giraffe and elephant toys she has. He hits me with a block and just freaks out. When my friend comes upstairs to see what has happened she notices that he is totally leaking out of his diaper.

Well, it turns out he was sick. He'd had another blowout while Will was with him this morning and it helps explain why he was so ornery. I fed him lunch and put him down for a nap. He slept for about 3 hours and when he woke up he was in no better mood. He perked up a little when I took him to Costco with me, but he was just so miserable. My friend had invited us over for dinner tonight with some other couples, but (a) we had no sitter (b) The Boy was being a tyrrant (c) I spaced it until around 5:45. I'm so lame. It wasn't until Will and I took a walk over to the pool with The Boy that I remembered that she had invited us over. Lame. I need to get a memory upgrade! LOL

It was really warm today and so we let The Boy play in the pool for a little bit and then he came home and went to bed. Phew! I hope he wakes up in a better mood tomorrow. They've moved church to 10:00, so I'm glad for the extra hour to get ready in the morning. Will's not so thrilled about it, but I think it will be great.


iowamom said...

You really get him to go to sleep at at a theme park? You are my hero!

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