Monday, December 10, 2007

Making Cookies

The Boy helped me make the cookie dough for the cookies we decorated at his birthday party. I loves dumping in the "flowsy" as he calls the flour. So he says, "Flowsy! Flowsy! Dump on the ground!" However, he really means he wants to dump it in the bowl. If he really wanted to dump it on the ground - we'd have a problem. I took a lot of pictures of him licking the beater. This was a favorite tradition of mine growing up. I loved helping my mom bake, just for the chance to lick the beaters. Maybe that's why I love to bake and why I have a terrible sweet tooth. Oh! And he calls the mixer "Scary" because he turned it on while my back was turned and I screamed. It was really funny.

There are lots of birthday pictures to come, so stay tuned! I'm trying to catch up on pictures that I've already taken and I'm going in chronological order. Today I took The Boy for his 2 year old exam and I'm proud to announce that he is healthy:) Well, developmentally - he's actually got a touch of bronchitis. He weighed in at 30 lbs and he's 36 inches tall. Just four more inches until he can ride Splash Mountain! He got his flu shot today and that was all he was due for. It was funny because he didn't actually cry when he got the shot - I think he was in shock. But when the nurse put the bandaid on, then he got mad and cried and wanted the bandaid off. I think he thought that was what was causing his pain. So, the nurse took it off and I gave him his pluggy and blanky, he got his sucker and we were out of there.
Today we did the doctor thing and then came home for a nap. After the nap we went running. I'm doing the Chiro Man Triathlon with my family and with company and being sick, I'm falling behind. I probably shouldn't have run today with my terrible bronchitis cough, but I have to catch up. We started Thanksgiving Day and I have until January 26th to get in 26 miles of running, 112 biked miles, and the swimming distance. I have been exercising, but with The Boy being sick, we've been doing Tae Bo indoors. (BTW - I need to get a video of him doing TaeBo, it's hilarious.) I've only got 11 miles of running, 10 miles of biking and no swimming!!!! So I decided today that I'm going to put in at least 10 miles of biking each day until we leave, so that will put me at 110 miles of biking by next Friday. Then I can do the running on the treadmill at my parents over Christmas and maybe get in a swim with my dad at the pool he goes to. We get home on the 28th, so then I'll have about a week to finish up any unfinished miles. I can do it! It get a tshirt if I do, plus hopefully I'll avoid weight gain during the holidays. It will be a year ago on New Year's Day when I dedicated myself to losing the baby weight. I was so dedicated the first 6 months and to do I've lost 45 lbs. However, I've slacked the last half of the year, so I want to get rededicated again. So, on January 1st I'm getting serious again! Who's in it with me?

Oh and The Boy only smiles one way now - with closed eyes. That's the only true way to make a cheese! LOL


Mama said...

fun! i loved (and still love) licking the beaters. i made brownies recently and i decided to let moma have a lick. well, that turned out to be a bad idea. it completely slipped my mind that she is allergic to egg whites and that there are eggs in the brownie mix!!DUH! so a few licks later, she was covered in hives and i felt like the worst mom in the world. hopefully she can outgrow her allergy some day and she can enjoy licking the beaters.

The Harry Herald said...

I'm definitely in it with you! I've still got 25 lbs and 2 sizes to go and I've been terrible! By the way, your little man is adorable!

Laura said...

Kyla, wow you fit woman you!!! I love the photos and I'm all for rededicating to being fit, some pounds have crept on this season. I can't wait until the goodies are gone.

Davis Family said...

it's so depressing knowing that even once you get the weight off it just comes on again the next time around. i can't wait for the very last pregnancy and to know that once the weight is gone - it's gone!

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