Monday, July 23, 2007

Zoo Day

So we went to the Santa Ana Zoo today with my friend, her 2 little girls, my friend's friend, and that friend's 2 little girls:) We were quite the troop. It was a lot of fun. The Boy loved all the animals - especially the new farm animal area. I had him feed the goats and he wasn't quite sure how he felt about it. I was a little skittish about it too, but I tried not to let it show because I don't want my paranoia to rub off on him. So I sucked it up and let the little goat suck the food off of my hand - ewwww! It was really nice that they had a place to wash/sanitize your hands right near by. They have elephants in the fall and spring that give rides, but they aren't there in the summer. They had signs up saying the giant anteater and a guanaco are coming soon, so that is exciting. My friend and I both agreed that the zoo is really kid friendly and The Boy had a lot of fun. It was hot and sunny, so he was totally wiped when we got home. He fell asleep about 2 minutes out of the parking lot and slept for a full 2 hours. I took about a 45 minute nap and it was so nice. I should do that more often. I'm always trying to cram scrapping or cleaning in during his nap and I never rest. I need some rest too:)

We were supposed to start swimming lessons tomorrow, but my friend can't start this week so we're going to do it next week. So, maybe we'll go to the beach. I do have aerobics tomorrow, but we could go as soon as I get done. I should really stay home and do laundry, but it's so hot that I don't like just sitting around the house running the A/C all day. We shall see. I also wanted to take the YW to the movie on the beach on Saturday, but that night is a baby shower and an open house for a boy going on a mission, so I don't think it is really going to work out. Welp, as my sister says, I've run out of things to say so I'm going to go to bed. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow. My friend's friend took some cute pictures of all the kids and so I hope I get them soon!


Daphne said...

There's a Santa Ana Zoo? Man, shows how much I know. =) Glad the Boy had a blast. I'm afraid of animals so he's already much braver than I am.

And yes, you do need to rest. Mommys need their nap time too.

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