Monday, June 04, 2007

You've Got to Be Kidding

So, today was like any ordinary day, except that The Boy decided he wanted to start the day at 5:45!!!! Bleh! So Will got him at 5 to 6, but by then he was totally freaking out. He wouldn't stop crying. We weren't sure if it was a night terror or if he was just mad that we made him wait 10 minutes before we got him up:) We didn't go walking this morning because my girlfriend needed to wait until the afternoon, so we just hung around the house. At 11am we met two ladies from church at the mall for the Kids Club program and it was fun today. The Boy had fun dancing away. I have a picture, but I'll have to share it tomorrow because I want to get to meat of today's story. We get home from the mall and The Boy passes out for his nap and sleeps for over 2 hours - yea! He wakes up happy and pleasant and wants to finish watching Nemo - which have watched every day for the past week. He loves it and I think it's cute, so I don't mind. He used to cry when Nemo got taken away from his daddy, but now he just gets a little upset, but no tears:) I digress . . . So after Nemo I decide we are going to go outside and play and I'll organize my YW stuff for my presidency meeting tonight. I start sharing an apricot with The Boy, but he doesn't want me to hold it. So I hand it to him and set him outside, while I wait for the paper to print off my inlaws computer. So, like 20 seconds later I step outside to check on The Boy and the apricot is gone, his mouth is full and I'm like - WHERE IS THE PIT? He won't open his mouth so I can see and gulp - swallows whatever is in there. He's not choking or acting weird, but I can't find the pit. I look all over where he has been on the porch, but no pit. So I go back inside and Google apricot pit and the first article that pops up says they are poisonous to children. I am flipping out. I get out my phone and call my ped's office - meanwhile my nephew is telling The Boy it's not good to swallow pits or he could die. Still freaking out here. The nurse checks with the doc and she says we should come in and get an xray to make sure there is no obstruction. Great. So I gather up The Boy and his screwdriver(that's another story) - oh and my nephew is begging to come - and we head over to the ped's office. The Boy is pleased as punch and is very well behaved. He thought it was a grand adventure to have an xray taken. We wait about 10 minutes after the xray to see the after hours doctor and he throws the films up on the light and no pit to be found. Arggg! However, it was a relief to know that he hadn't swallowed it. So, as tradtion goes, we stop at Wendy's to get dinner (I always take him there after a doctor's appointment) and we get chickboom (that's what he calls chicken now) and head home. I decided we'd eat out on the porch, so while he's eating chickboom and french fries, I start combing the lawn and guess what I find? An apricot pit. What a day! LOL! My friend said I am now officially the mother of a little boy. Man do I love it!


Laura said...

Great story!!! The best part is that is true!!!

Ashby said...

I would have been freaking out too! Holy cow! So glad that he hadn't swallowed it!

Mandy said...

Oh my, what a story! You had me smiling the whole way through. :) Yup, I'm glad I only have GIRLS!

Toni said...

Smart wee fella's figured out a way to get chickboom when he fancies it. WTG.

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